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Futures Photography Club is an elective group formed by various members of Futures Club, a Victoria based day program.  It all started when a couple of young men expressed an interest in the photographic arts and began making day trips around Victoria with their cameras.  As their interests grew, a more in depth program was put in place to support their fast growing hobby.

A large collection of images accumulated over time and the club began to feel they should be sharing their work with the public. They teamed up with other members of the day program and turned a selection of images into matted greeting cards with the intention of selling them at the 2013 “One Day Celebration” festival. The cards were a huge success and the club members thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to share what they had all worked so hard to create!

We have put together this website to continue showcasing their hard work and progress, as well as provide an opportunity for anyone interested in supporting the program to purchase prints and greeting cards.

We are all very excited about this project and will be frequently updating the galleries as more recent images are created. Thank you very much for visiting our website, and all of your ongoing support.  Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions!

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